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The information in this site is very graphic. We show the truth, not the spin from out-of-state pro-wolf groups who claim to be defenders of wildlife but in reality are only interested in the wolf issue because it raises money for them...$Millions.

We are the true defenders of our Mountain Ungulate and we are NOT in it for the money! In fact we receive NO money from any source.

Our Mission is to simply Show The Truth, and for the record, I DO NOT HUNT. (Rick Mayer)

NOTE: Every picture on this site is Verified Authentic Wolf Kill and none of them have been doctored or photo shopped in any way. They are Authentic.

Here is an important video from an Extremely Reliable Source.  We'll let the video and the credentials do the talking.


Go to and Buy the Book.

Support IDAHO House Bill 470.

Take note of those who opposed this important bill. It's time to get them OUT OF OFFICE!

This official U.S. Government Study says that each Wolf Kills 3 Elk per month. Do the Math.

  • These wolves kill anything but their preferred target is elk. 
  • They reproduce at a rate of 24% to 35% per year and currently number well over 1,500 in Idaho and 3,000 in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming! 
  • Each wolf kills 2 animals a month for food and another 2 per month for sport or as the pro-wolf term "Surplus Kill." We appropriately call it Thrill Kill. 
  • Do the math: We are loosing between 24,000 to 48,000 animals a year increasing by 30% a year! 
  • Because they prefer the newborn and unborn, the Idaho Elk calf-to-cow ratio is at it's lowest count in history, literally threatening the species. 
    • The first Link on "Gallery" shows how they literally tear the unborn out of the mother and leave the mother to die a slow death.
  • They are killing out the future of our herds.
  • When the elk are gone these predators will still eat, they'll just adapt and change prey.

Why isn't the F&G using the other Wolf Control tools they Promised?

Wolves cause the Death of 176 Sheep.

Study says Wolves Kill 90% of ALL Elk!

Hunters began avoiding Idaho back in 2008!

The Need for Wolf Management, from 2008.

Many Areas are past the point of no return.

Montana State University. Yellowstone Elk Dissappearing!

Wolves are running out of Game, Starting to Starve.

by Jenifer S. Click Here for the Complete Story.

Here's the story of one couple who were originally Pro-wolf.

They are doing everything they can, yet it has little effect on the inevitable outcome.

Even their extraordinary efforts weren't enough.

Wolf Introduction Experiment Results in Wolves killing all available prey and finally turning on each other, cannibalizing for food.
This column is provided as a public service by the Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, in cooperation with the UAF research community. Ned Rozell is a science writer at the institute. CLICK HERE for the results of this Experiment on Coronation Island, Alaska.

This poor animal had it's baby ripped out and was left to die a slow, agonizing death, and it did so in this mans arms.

The Gallery link has slide shows showing how savage these animals can be and the destruction they cause.



We didn't learn anything from Banff National Park, Canada.

A Kill Rate Study from clear back in 2002.

IDAHO ranked Dead Last Nationally, IF&G Feeling the pain.

 F&G Commissioner Finally admits a Problem. 

Wolves: When Ignorance is Bliss, Dr. Valerius Geist.

The Seven Stages leading up to Wolves Feeding on Humans. by Dr. Valerius Geist.


Now, let's just hope the wolves don't find this Cow > > > > >

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