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THIS JUST IN, 3/25/2016.


 (Still not convinced they Kill for Sport?)

We had 18 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds in one night this week. 16 were calves that were not eaten at all, simply killed and left for dead. The other were two pregnant cow elk.

The wolves ripped the fetuses from the elk most likely from signs while they were still alive, to later die. Again they did not eat the cows. This makes nearly 70 elk slaughtered by wolves on our feedgrounds alone this winter. That doesn't include anything outside the feedgrounds.

We must use common sense, decency and real conversations to regulate this issue. (This has been happening for some time, As Seen Here. )


This is what happens when we are not allowed to manage. Warning very heartbreaking for our "other" wildlife. 

The information in this site is very graphic. We show the truth, not the spin from out-of-state pro-wolf groups who claim to be defenders of wildlife but in reality are only interested in the wolf issue because it raises money for them...$Millions.

We are the true defenders of our Mountain Ungulate and we are NOT in it for the money! In fact we receive NO money from any source.

Our Mission is to simply Show The Truth, and for the record, I DO NOT HUNT. (Rick Mayer)

NOTE: Every picture on this site is Verified Authentic Wolf Kill and none of them have been doctored or photo shopped in any way. They are Authentic.

Here is an important video from an Extremely Reliable Source.  We'll let the video and the credentials do the talking.


Go to and Buy the Book.

If you are an Idaho candidate running against one of the Representatives who voted against HB470, let us know and we will do what we can to help. 
It's time We the People spoke. It's Time to get these guys out of office.

 Click Here  Official U.S. Government Study says that each Wolf Kills 3 Elk per month. Do the Math.

  • These wolves kill anything but their preferred target is elk. 
  • They reproduce at a rate of 24% to 35% per year and currently number well over 1,500 in Idaho and 3,000 in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming! 
  • Each wolf kills 2 animals a month for food and another 2 per month for sport or as the pro-wolf term "Surplus Kill." We appropriately call it Thrill Kill. 
  • Do the math: We are loosing between 24,000 to 48,000 animals a year increasing by 30% a year! 
  • Because they prefer the newborn and unborn, the Idaho Elk calf-to-cow ratio is at it's lowest count in history, literally threatening the species. 
  • They are killing out the future of our herds, they prefer the young.
    • They literally tear the unborn out of the mother and leave her to die a slow death.
  • When the elk are gone these predators will still eat, they'll just adapt and change prey.

Wolves cause the Death of 176 Sheep.

Study says Wolves Kill 90% of ALL Elk!

Hunters began avoiding Idaho back in 2008!

The Kill Rate began climbing and they stopped counting because it was already starting to look bad  Clear back in 2008

The Need for Wolf Management, from 2008.


Many Areas are past the point of no return.

Montana State Univeresity, Yellowstone Elk Disappearing. 

The are simply running out of Game and starting to Eat Each Other.

by Jenifer S. Click Here for the Complete Story.

Here's the story of one couple who were originally Pro-wolf.

They are doing everything they can, yet it has little effect on the inevitable outcome.

Even their extraordinary efforts weren't enough.

Not the Native Wolf

The professionally sanctioned taxonomy of mammals is published by the American Society of Mammalogists and follows taxonomy in Mammal Species of the World used by the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. 

 This Scientific Study  proves the wolf brought down from Canada is a DIFFERENT WOLF that evolved Strictly in Canada!

  • "...occidentalis is a distinctly larger wolf adapted to colder climates..."
  • "...The Canadian wolf is a larger subspecies adapted to a colder, more northerly climate..."
  • "...An example of issues potentially created by using the wrong morphological type or subspecies is illustrated as follows: “Bergman’s Rule,” a widely accepted principal of evolutionary selection, has found species and races of homoeothermic animals in colder climates typically have larger bodies than their relatives living in warmer climates (Frings and Frings 1970:282; Welty 1975:130,432). The average weight of male wolves in the northern U.S. Rockies [presumably, occidentalis stock] is 100 lbs, 30% larger than male wolves in Wisconsin..."
  • "...Finally, the Service has not rigorously explored the biological question and the legality under the ESA of “recovering” a taxon or type by expanding the historic range of a less similar type, when more closely related founder stock still remains available..."

Ranchers Suffer

Pet Owners Suffer

They Rip the Unborn Out